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More About Medicare

There is a lot of info!

The amount of information you receive regarding all your Medicare options can make your head spin! Even the most informed person has questions about the requirements, his/her rights, coverage and costs!

Depending on your age and circumstances, you may be in the process of obtaining Medicare for the first time or perhaps you just want to ensure you are informed on the updates to your current plan. Regardless of your reasons for visiting our site, Medicare is a complex subject, and we will make sure you have all the information you need to enroll in the right plan for you!

The information below will help your insurance agent determine your individual needs. Call Berwick Insurance and we will work together to make sure you are ready to enroll.

Needs Assessment:

  • Lifestyle Questions

  • Household Income
  • LIS/DUAL Eligible
  • Travel Habits
  • Multiple Homes in different states
  • Medical Questions

  • Current Plan: Happy or Not?
  • Likes/Dislikes regarding plan
  • How Many times a year visit PCP and/or Specialist
  • Illnesses/Family History/Chronic Conditions
  • List of Prescription Medications: Generic vs Non-Generic
  • Doctor(s): Must Keep or Open to Change
  • Preferences

  • Networks/No Networks
  • What's most important to you for Medicarecare plan