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Berwick Difference

Some brokers look hastily at your existing benefits, set you up with a plan and send you on your way. There’s little follow-up or assistance once the plan is in place. At Berwick, we take a hands-on approach, looking deeper into your current situation to strategize the most effective benefits for you and your employees. We represent a variety of insurance carriers to help find you the correct coverage. Plus, it doesn’t cost you anything to use our services!

Employer Priorities

Employers tell us their main concerns are budgets and employee satisfaction. Educating your employees on the plans, assisting in the enrollment process and being a point of contact for them are just a few of the benefits of partnering with Berwick Insurance.

Berwick shops available insurance plans and negotiates the lowest possible rates to get the highest quality of coverage. Sometimes you can save money in ways you never thought possible. Taking a look at your benefits annually can make all the difference!

Employee Support

We can provide your employees 24-hour access to their benefits, provider directories and enrollment options. Berwick’s online portal allows beneficiaries to access all of these options and much more.