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Birthday Winner

is picked the first week of the month following the month of your birthday!

Nov. winner will be announced the first week of December

Happy Birthday!

Match the number on your birthday card that you received from Berwick Insurance with the number above to see if you win.

If you match the number, you win a $50 Visa Gift card. Call Berwick Insurance, for instructions to receive your card.

If you didn't win…

Call Berwick Insurance for new deals, additional information or other inquiries.

Current List of Monthly Winners

November 2017 Winner = 1117271 David S. December 2017 Winner - 1217146 Sylvia J.
January 2018 Winner = 118254 Sharon B. February 2018 Winner - 218321 Sam P.
March 2018 Winner = 318251 Dorothy D. April 2018 Winner = 418335 Claudia K.
May 2018 Winner = 518192 Valerie J. June 2018 Winner - 618161 Bertman C.
July 2018 Winner = 718303 Thomas D. August 2018 Winner - 818350 Richard L.
September 2018 Winner = 918154 Clifford L.